CO2 for EOR

Power and CO2 for EOR

CO2-Global, LLC based in Houston is currently deploying standalone power plants that provide power and CO2 to smaller oilfield operators for tertiary oil recovery.

The core power generation technology is based on combustion of fuel gas with oxygen to produce steam and CO2. A schematic of major components is shown below.

The Power Plant can be configured to produce from 5 up to 50 MMcf per day of CO2 and enables the field operator to deploy CO2-EOR independent of CO2 supplier and local utility power.

Furthermore the low-btu wellhead Reservoir Gas is an ideal supplemental fuel source for the oxy-combustor that has been developed by Clean Energy Systems Inc.

On-site combustion of Reservoir Gas following CO2 breakthrough reduces the need for a centralised gas treatment facility and minimizes investments for surface facilities while providing pure CO2 at the injection wellhead.

The power plant has no flue stack and is therefore eligible for fast-track permitting similar to renewable energy sources.

All hardware is available and has a maximum lead time of less than one year so that implementation within 15 months of an investment decision is achievable.

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(Updated Nov 2012)