CO2 for EOR

CO2-Global AS


CO2-Global, LLC based in Houston, Texas

The Board and management team of CO2-Global includes professional engineers and experienced management personnel that have financial and project development experience from the power generation and energy sectors.

Since 2004 we have focused internationally to promote the deployment of carbon dioxide (CO2) for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

We commercialize technology that will also contribute to production of clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in years to come. We believe a commercial focus is essential if governments are to be successful in mitigating the impact of global warming and climate-change.

In Europe our team was already in 2001 the promoter of CO2 for EOR in the North Sea (CENS) and the CO2Europipe consortium that prepared an extensive study for the European Commission identifying barriers to deployment of a pan-European CO2 infrastructure.

CO2-Global was also a participant with the Integrated Gasification Steam Cycle (IGSC) consortium that in 2008 completed study funded by the UK government for integration of oxy-combustion technology with existing coal-fired power plants. This work was conducted in collaboration with Jacobs Engineering, Siemens Power Generation, MAN Turbo and Imperial College.

In the United States we are based in Houston and develop projects that provide power and CO2 to oil field operators wanting improved recovery using tertiary CO2-EOR.  The technology is also able to use low-quality fuel, gas and refinery waste-products for power generation.

(Revised October 2012)