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The shareholders and team of CO2-Global includes professional engineers and senior personnel that have financial and project development experience from power generation, energy management, advanced technology, commodities trading and the oil & gas sectors.

We commercialize technology and ideas that contribute to production of sustainable energy solutions whilst reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the years to come. We believe a commercial focus is essential if society is to be successful in mitigating the impact of global warming and climate-change.

Already back in 2004 we started to focus internationally to promote the deployment of carbon dioxide (CO2) for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The notion of injecting CO2 to produce more oil may not initially be considered beneficial for GHG emissions. However when you reflect on how incentives in the oil industry work, you will recognize that it is offsetting production of new oil from more pristine environments like the Artic and deep subsea.

The fact that this "new" oil is usually more expensive to produce than the "EOR" oil if CO2 is available creates the incentive for oil companies to also invest in developing the pre-requisite technology for carbon management that we will need throughout the 21st century.

We therefore advocate CO2-EOR and work together with leading technology developers identifying project opportunities for commercial deployment along the complete CO2 value chain from capture to permanent underground storage.

Furthermore this technology can eventually be deployed on a large portfolio of CO2-emitting sources enabling the construction of an infrastructure reminiscent of that which emerged more than a century ago for sewage management.

The volumes of CO2 we will have to handle will far outstrip the need for EOR, but fortunately we already know that the global capacity for geologic storage in saline aquifers is equivalent to several hundred years of anticipated CO2 emissions, and long before then we will have transitioned away from our dependence on hydrocarbon-based fuels.

This is therefore a classic example of how you build bridges to achieve long-term goals while also harnessing commercial market forces to do the heavy lifting.

More recently we have also extended our experience to focus on other sectors such as municipal waste management and the cement industry where an increased focus and understanding regarding the implications of GHG emissions has precipitated an urgency for deployment of carbon management technologies.

In these sectors the technology to do something already exists but the incentive mechanisms are just not there! Probably because tougher regulations would appear to be in conflict with political agendas. Unless off course you start thinking out-of-the-box using financial engineering and create alternative incentives for doing the right thing.

Finally, if you have project opportunities or ideas for deployment with CO2 capture that you wish to develop and commercialize, then you may find that our experience and skill-sets can be of value to move your idea through to a commercial reality.

Contact us and we may provide you with a team that can help you protect your intellectual property and identify the pathway from feasibility study to Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED) and possibly an investment decision if the idea is good.

(Revised September 2019)