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CO2-Norway was founded in Kongsberg, Norway in 2000

Our parent company CO2-Global has representatives based in Houston, Midland, London, Rotterdam and Kongsberg.

In Norway, CO2-Norway was from 2002 until 2008 a lead-developer and co-owner of ZENG AS in collaboration with Lyse Energi, Procom Venture and Nebb Engineering.

In 2008 ZENG AS completed a two year Concept Study together with Siemens based in Finspong, Sweden and Clean Energy Systems (CES), Sacramento, Ca.

The Study evaluated deployment of a 50 MW zero emission power plant using advanced oxy-turbines and was funded by Statoil, Shell Technology and the Norwegian Government.

The Study concluded that commercial deployment of the technology in Norway was not feasible because of the prevailing market conditions and the reluctance of oil companies to use CO2 for EOR in their offshore fields.

However, our parent company CO2-Global is deploying ZENG-related technology in projects to provide CO2 to onshore oilfield operators in the United States, where experience and willingness to use CO2 for EOR is more favourable.

Since 2005 CO2-Norway has also worked with AirSolutions to promote zero emission vehicles in the transportation sector.

This work is in collaboration with Motor Development International (MDI) based in Carros near Nice, France.

Their unique compressed air motor leads to a very light and affordable zero emission vehicle that addresses our growing concern regarding the cost and life-cycle analysis for electric batteries.

We are currently promoting introduction of the AirPod for urban use in the Netherlands, where market conditions are favourable for commercial introduction into a niche market.

Zero emission power and transportation remains in its infancy, but is recognised to be a pre-requisite for successful management of carbon emissions in the 21st Century.

As a company we are well positioned to be able to contribute with solutions and technology that is being proven today while the market continues to evolve before becoming fully commercial.

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(Updated April 2011)